Thursday, December 15, 2011

10 reasons why i am a fool

10 Reasons why I am a fool.

1 When you are down im the first to try and pick you up
  When Im down you are the first one to careless or put me further down

2 If something goes wrong im the first person to be there for you
  If something goes wrong you dont even care about how I feel.

3 If you want to talk about something im all ears.
  If I want to talk about something im annoying.

4 When you have a goal in mind im the one and only person who always says youll achieve it
  When i have a goal in mind you are the first person to tell me ill never accomplish it.

5 When you are wrong I just let it slide.
  When im wrong it goes on and on, When im right it doesnt matter.

6 When you are happy about something Im happy for you
  When im happy about something You dont even care.

7 When I say nice things about you you push me away
  You dont say nice things about me.

8 I try to do my best to make you happy
  You could careless if i was happy or sad.

9 If you ever needed anything I would be right there by yourside
  If i ever needed anything I would be there alone without you.

10 I care about you more than anything in the world.
   If i was gone you wouldnt care.

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